40k AC T-3

Okay, that was more work than I thought but the infantry is finally done. I am quite proud of the terminators. Not only did I manage to get the head mounted on but painted them to a rather high level.
Some Freehands are a little sloppy but that can be corrected later on.

1:52 AM I'm going to bed. By the way: I found a name for that chapter. As you might have noticed I use the Spacewolve colorsheme but not the squadmarkings. For that I use Ork decals- they were too cool to ignore. So even more savage than Spacewolves and hating everything- Angrymarines!


bG said…
Looking really really nice, any chance of a shot of the whole force as it stands, I'm sure it is an impressive sight.
Cannonfodder said…
Thankyou. An armyshot will follow after todays painting session when the force is (hopefully) finished.
The Avatar of War head looks really good with der Terminator around him.

AngryMarines sounds good, but AngryTemplars or AngryAngels would sound a little bit better.