40k AC T-5

Five days left and I think it will work out. I did the mainwork on the Terminators today. This means I can do the detailing on them tomorrow and finish the Emperors Champion.

I also have mixed my first own wash today, I call it Spacewolve grey wash (sue me hahaha)- you can see the ingredients below. It worked like a charm and I am looking forward to making more.

Ps.: I love this face- anybody knows where I got this from take a guess!


the other Kevin said…
Got no idea on the face, but am liking the gritty look on the termies. Is that a complicated wash mix?
Oh, and the sword and skull on the terminator shield, where's that from?
Cannonfodder said…
the mix isn't complicated at all. It's 25 drops blue ink and 30 inks black ink following the receipee from les bursley (awsomepaintjob.com)
The terminatorshield is from the Dark Angels Veterans sprue.
The face looks familiar, but i don't know why...

I like the yellow power-fists but i think they could be a little bit darker.
Cannonfodder said…
Happy to hear you like them darker- the weathering is not finished in this pictures- in the end tehy turn out more rusty and thus darker.