Project: 1850 points army in two weeks

I have made the decision to take the chance on getting my planed army ready for the Austrian 40k Championships on the 17th of July. What I had two days ago when I started was all my Terminators assembled in the paintstripping pool, my three vehicles built and primed and enough sprues to build 20 Marines. Additionally I have three Scouts from another project, that will get repainted.

The armylist is unchanged, you can find it here

What I will do is post images (from my iPohne), mainly without text of my progress each day. In the last tow days I already managed to strip the paint of the Terminators and get the Marines primed.

Wish me luck (and endurance beyond believe)


Anonymous said…
A lot of work.
I think , we all like this kind of stress.

Could it be, that you forgot the magnets? :D
but no trouble ^^