Blog template reworked

Blog is under construction again. My interests have changed slightly and I wanted to have it load faster and only show the relevant stuff...

What else: I will reduce the labels as well as the widgets. Also flash and java elements will be ditched. I am not sure if lightbox will be dropped as well but tests will show soon.
Concerning the content I decided to let go on the Exodite section- the blog has become more of an allrounder and I wouldn't want to miss this stuff- as I said, things changed.

Sorry for inconveniences as I play with the live version.

edit: I am done and the new design is finalized.


g-g said…
schaut besser aus jetzt find ich:) klares design,das helle kommt auch gut-im großen und ganzen sehr gelungen!
Cannonfodder said…
bin seit heut mein Firmenhandy los und find meine private Simkarte nimma. Blöd- daher derzeit nur per Mail erreichbar.