Carinthian Championships - Game 2

My second game sees me agains "Jani" a common face in the tabletop tournament scene who makes his return to 40k after some years of abstinence. He plays an Eldar army:

- Prophet

- 2 x Harlequins

- Banshees

- 3 x Pathfinders

- 2 x 3 Vypers with Shuriken cannons

- 2 x Holo Falcons with Scatterlasers

- 1 x Fireprism

The mission was take one objective in the middle of the table (5" diameter) and deployment was spearhead. He won the roll for who goes first but gave it to me which made clear to me that he planed to tankshock me off the obketive last turn. I reacted by making a steady advance with not only my infantrry but mainly my tanks on the objective all the while wittling his standards down.

My plan worked out and although the pathfinderse dis horrific things to my "doomed" terminators with their sniper rifles I lasted for 5 turns. Due to my skilled driving he couldn't get his tankshocks on in so he made an allout charge with his Harlies and the Banshees in the Falcon. He bounced off when my assault cannons (tank hunters) shredd the falcon and the banshees absorbed the rest of my armie's shootines.

Other highlights:
- Two terminators win closecombat agains his 6 Harlequins thanks to wound groups: 4 armorpiercing wounds to the one (really dead) guy- 4 normal saves for the other one. I kill two Harlies in return and that's it for them.

- The Dread "Black Kight" again refuses to die agains his Shooting although it has to be said that he rolled unlucky for his tanks most of the time.

In the end I win 38:2 which puts me one place number on for the finals.