Carinthian Championships - Game 3

Another old friend- "Tom" from Vienna was waiting in the finals. He plays orks to be precise:

- One Bigmek with Force Field

- Meganobz with Battlewagon
- Nobz with Battlewagon

- 2 x 20 Boys driving in -you gess it -Battlewagon

- 10 Gretchin

- 2 x 3 Buggies with rockits

- Deffdread
- 3 Killakanz

The mission was Take and hold (five objectives) and deployment was pitched battle. It was going to be a hard game since I only had two scoring units of 5+1 men and the fact that 4 Deathrollaz pose a problem for everyone in the 40k universe. At least his models were big enough since they were built of Lego (I as part of the oranizers had proper models for him ready if a player would have a problem with that).

But I was not afraid since I had a lot of antitank and he had "only" 40 boys who could easily be beaten by my Termiantors as soon as the disembarked. And then came the dice

I failed to kill any tank until the hit my lines although I manage to get shots on his side armor all the time. I manage to immobilize two of the wagons and slow them down a turn but he repairs cause he invested into grotriggers (worthy 5 points ^^)
A glimpse of hope comes up when the "Black Knight" stops the onlsaught of the tanks by placing himself in front of the first Deathrolla (thereby again loosing both arms and legs). In return I destroy two Battlewagons (with the boys inside) and tear them apart in one assaultphase. Sadly his Killakanz and Deffdread manage to assault me in return and although I destroy all the kanz, the Deffdread proves to be too hard.

Other highlights:

- The Black Knight finds his master when he is Deathrolled a second time.

- Two Terminators fail their Target Priority test when trying to fry 9 gretchins and instead shoot the Deffdread in the face (with little effect ^^).

- Deathrolla puts 6 wounds on a Terminatorsquad and killoff the Chaplain riddick since he is the only one not protected by Terminator armor.

In the end he saves too good nad has 1 Boy and 9 Gretvhin left which leaves me with a loss of 4:36 - meaning place 7 in the end. Competition was hard that day


g-g said…
"The Black Knight finds his master when he is Deathrolled a second time."

lol:) wie geil*g*
scheint aber ein gutes turnier gewesen zu sein,schad das ich net dabei war
Cannonfodder said…
ja, das führte zu abstrusen Kombinationen. Er ist ja lahmgelegt, also kann er eigentlich nicht ausweichen- somit muss er ja Tod oder Ehre machen also erhält er gleich 2xW6 Treffer.

Turnier war lustig- da nächste Mal mit dir und ohne Lego. Deine Modelle angekommen?
g-g said…
ne,noch nicht:( aber ich schätz morgen dann!
mit mir..gebts mir mehr freizeit,dann gern^^
Arathorn said…
walker können nicht ausweichen...nur brace for impact oder death or glory
walker bekommen auch 2x D6 treffer vom deathrolla
Arathorn said…
bei einem death or glory
Cannonfodder said…
ja, das war das auch, was wir dann gelernt hatten. Zumindest kamen die Modelle noch nicht retour... ^^