Carinthian Championships - Game 1

First game against "Vitek" from Vienna and his beautifully painted and converted Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines.
I did not know him in person from until then but must say that he was a nice opponent. Although we had some discussions about rules it has to be said that it was a torunament and under this circumstances I understand the litlle "rough goings"- so no bad feelings here.

His list consisted of a Chaos lord with daemon weapon and wings, a sorcerer with waprtime a greater daemon and a lot of marines as you can see in the picture. We played Killpoints with dawn of war deployment and this is the strongest mission for my elite-heavy list (you can find it here).
I win the roll for deployment and place my HQ in the center of the table- he chooses to stay place nothing. Then he steals the initiative from me and rolls in all his transport directly towards my HQ. I swallow hard and move in on the far left and try to evacuate my HQ Terminators towards the rest of my army. Although penetrating his Rhino with the chosen and the Lord on board 3 times I do only manage to scratch the paint (rolled 2, 2, 1) and so my HQ gets it. He unloads alot of plasma and Melta into them and only the Marshall and two bodyguards survive due to going to ground . Then I get assaulted by the Chaos lord which was the turnig point of the game: His demon weapon rebels and although he saves the wound he looses initiative and my Marshal kills him dead right in one bloody swoop of lightning claw madness (4 wounds- three unsaved).

As a reaction to that my HQ advances right into the gorge of his army shooting the chosen down to three models and afterwards making a multiple charge with them and three three Chaos Terminators killing all of them. Their rampage is only stopped when the greater daemon appears right next to them and estroys them utterly after taking a wound from the marshall.

Other higlights:

- The champion of the Emperor stumbles over a Rhino wreck and looses a wound only to be killed of by the very Sorcerer he challenged( at initiative 6). His escort of 5 terminators fails to save him since two of them fail their saves when 5 lesser daemons bite them (two wounds-snakeeyes)

- My venerable dreadnought is reduced to an immobilized all weapons destroyed model while fighting one hidden powerfist but still is not to destroy till the end of the game and I name him the Black Knight (after Monty Pyton)

- My predator kills every unit it shoots: First the Greater Daemon with 4 wounds and the 3 Rhinos.

In the end i win 38:2