Tyranids evolving into 5th edition: Hive Guard [03]

Modelling on the torso nears completion.
edit: It seems my iPhone posts screw up so I have to rewrite the text since it got lost in the Warp.

I have reached the point where I consider the modeling done. I had different feedback on the shoulderpads. Some, as jabberjabber found them fitting others disaproved, so after a day of greenstuff-curing and thinking I decided to taske the risk and carve them down.

I do not regret it and believe that it was the right decission, so I will continue with the arms now and prepare the mold for the body in the meantime.


Andy said…
Really like what you're doing with the 'nids !

I'm a Tyranid player myself, but I still have to take the leap to the newer codex ...

Apparently we chose the same colours for our Hive Fleet ;-)

Looking forward to see more here !

Cannonfodder said…
thx, had a look at your nids and must say that they rock! Especially the basing sets them apart. I will try to get mine to your level.