Tyranids evolving into 5th edition: Tervigon [01]

Without a lot of words I show you the progress of the model(s) so far. I am almost finished and will do the paintjob today.

Starting to break down the Carnifexes.

Broken off legs included (ooops)
Tervigons look bigger than Carnifexes so I decided I need Trygon sized bases. I made a mold and two bases of resin.

Turned out perfekt- easy cast.

By accident I stumbeled across the belly I needed when I looked into my bitsbox- just needed another mold- done (you see the mold in the picture upside down).

Number two is a little handi(foot)capped.

The head is based on the Tyranid Warrior- since it's so out of scale for the body the model looks bigger.

"I can walk!" - legs glued into place.

Close-up of the forearms. After all this beast is not meant for close combat and the model shoudl represent this. So tiny little T-Rex talons.

Spot the difference!

The belly is covered on top by a shell form greenstuff- a lot of putty went into this section. Als the big arms were moved into the middle of the model to support it's weight better.

There are the soon to be hatchlings. I couldn't get a convincing feeling for the fully grown Termagant jumping out the Tervimom- too small the model seemed for up to 18 spawned critters per turn.

So I settled on an egg laying machine in the sense of the Alien Queen.


Arathorn said…
it's a nice!
This wine I like!
Andy said…
Looking good! Very curious about the finished model ...

Work faster!!! :-)
The Muffin Man said…
the big guy looks awsome so far, will be fun to se some paint on him.
but i have a question about the base. how did you make it?