WMS 2010 - 40k Tournament

The Viennese 40k Championships took place this weekend and I attendet with my Angry Marines using  Blood Angel rules. My list was as follows:

1x Reclusiarch
2x 5 Man Assault squad with Melta and Meltabomb for the Sergeant in Razorback wit twinlinked flamers
1x 5 Man Assault squad in Land Raider Crusader with Multimelta
1x 15 Man Deathcompany with 9 Bolters, three of them Powerfists and 6 Boltpistols
1x Landspedder with Flamer and Typhoon Launcher
2x Baal Predator with Assault Cannon and Bolter sponsons
2x Predator with Autocannon and Lascannon sponsons

To make it short I placed 4th with two wins and a draw in the last game. I faced three Imperial Guard players and can say that I have now some experience in dealing with Vendettas to say the least.

The results (all top comers are members of Austria`s ETC Team)

My oppent was fielding Imperial Guard and there were tow markers to be conquered. I won the roll to go first and advanced aggreslively since I could not hope to best him at firepower.

Death company and chaplain are ready to embark the LRC in turn 1.

Predator  tracking one of the scouting Vendettas qhich tries to escape behind the shape of a destroyed building.

Baals scout ahead to put some preasure on the guard tanks (2 Demolishers, 2 Execuzritoners and 1 Vanilla Leman Russ)

The Cadians identify the Deathcompany to be the major threat and send the Melta Command squad to "bring it down"

Boom goes the Raider and some proper angry marines ready themselves to take the Russ shelling...

...which they survive to start their bloody work. In the rear the assault squas hits enemy lines to conquer the opposing marker.

The other assault suqad downs the Vendetta after it immobilizes their transport.

Deathcompany hits the Leman Russ Demolishers and blasts tank after tank with the Krank Grenades at Initiative 5 before the three fitsts even get to strike.
The Razorback flames the 10 Veterans holding the objective (barrel) and the assault squad goes in to take it. The Baal covers the flank of the death company to give them more time.

The penal legion disembarks the vendetta and (to my great surprise) deals with my assault squad by killing them in close combat.

The end of the games sees me killing off the rest while holding my objective where the Landspeeder is duelling with one Vendetta over the period of 5 turns.

The next Guard army but with far less Russes. Instead they pack Hellhounds and only one Vendetta. It is spearhead deployment and I roll to go first. The objective is Killpoints and again I have to move in to compensate for his bigger firepower.

Predaros getting ready to shoot first and kill the Lemanruss in the opposing corner first turn.The baals will scout followed by the Landraider.

He steals Initiative and the scouting Baals pay the price when one explodes and the other is immobilozed and stunned like 5 times. My Landspeeder starts to shoot at the oncoming Vendetta.

Then he becomes a little over confident and tries to ram my Landraider with a squadron of two hellhounds. My Predaors are therwhile being harrased by a Leman Russ Exterminator who comes in form reserves and hammers their side armor supported by a Primaris Psyker with Chain lighting attacks.

The hellhounds are blown up spectacularly serving as a jump board for my deathcompany who then charge into the jaw of the Guard army.

 The other flank which is held by Sniper veterans and a Lemanruss is assaulted by one Razorback and Assault sqad....

..which is stopped dead in it's tracks when the Snipers leave cover, pull out their Krakgrenades and do what their were trained to do.
End of the game sees my Deathcompany being shot below half strength after killing another hellhoudn squadron.

The Assault squad dispatches the Veterans and take cover behind the hill and so the game ends with 8:2 Killpoints.

Imperial Gaurd- but a little different. Rudi is maybe the best gamer Austria has to offer (in my humble oppinion) and I was prepared for a tough match. Mission was 5 markers and dawn of war. This gave me an advantage as I went first and advanced really early planning to rip with my Deathcompany into his tanks asap.

He left everythin in reserves to better react at my deployment and since I was so close he showed me what torrent of fire means.

One Baal explodes, one looses his turret, the Landraider is immobilized and my Preds are stunned. There goes the plan...

Taking everything I have I stick to the plan and advance directly at his ranks. 

 Vendetta attacks one of "my" markers and drops a special weapon squad with flamers. My assault squads react, kill the Vendetta and force the Special weapon guys to retreat.
 They then take the objective. In the rear you can see the Razorback form the next picture.

Challenging a platoon command, loosing their Razorback and entanlging the squad in a bloody melee afterwards. What you cannot see is the satisfied grin in the face of Tank commander "Baal 1" when he is melta vaporized after ram-exploding a Manticore Missile Tank.

The last stand of the Death company when they finally meet their master at the hand of one company suqad. (How many f****g meltas were there?!?!?) Note the chaplain driving them on...

The game ends with each of us holding tow objectives and my army reduced to 11 marines. It's a with 18:22 points against me for getting wooped so badly. Still I am satisfied with the results and the allogether positive experience.

Here is a video of the last game during deployment


Arathorn said…
Jak sche masch!
it's a nice!
Tschinkuj for draw!
GDMNW said…
Just so that you are aware, you are allowed to start inside transport vehicles now.

The only thing you can't do is start a squad inside another unit's dedicated transport.

So unless the 'raider belonged to some terminators or something you can just go ahead and start the game with your angry marines inside it, Chaplain and all.
Cannonfodder said…
thanks for your comments. The Raider belonged to the assault squad that's why th ecompany started behind it.
Draw by fate not by will but thanks for the coke anbyway Arathorn and congratis on the win again.