WOW-Keepers Neujahrsdoppel 2011

A double torunament is coming up and I will be there. I do this about one time per year and choose carefully because too often the house rules really mess it up.
This time everything looks good as the organizers restricted the players of each team to spare one AOP meaning only 2 HQ, 3 ELITE, 6 TROOP, 3 FAST ATTACK and 3 HEAVY SUPPORt slots for the whole team.
Armyrosters are still in the planing stage but we have a picture of where we want to go. It will be Black Templars and Blood Angels- I see a wonderful backgroundstory evolving with shared heraldry and stuff and I see this as a chance to have three fungames as it is a rare possibility to play 40k together with your best friend.

Here is the link to the announcement if you are interested (and understand german)