Black Templar FAQ

So Games Workshop published a FAQ for my beloved Black Templars (speak Angry Marines) which allows them to use all the wonderful rules the Spacemarine equipment has...Small image taken form MrChaos of Chaos Brushes

This cries out Cyclone Missile Launchers and Stormshields on a first glance. The really good (or bad if you are on the receiver end of the barrel) news is that all other things were unchanged. Namely the point costs and restrictions. So it s totally possible to have five terminators with two tankhnter missilie launchers and the Landspeeder Typhoon only costs 70 points. Yes- this spells Missilie Spam and I am not too proud to go that way. After all my Marines are angry all the time (always).

 On a sidenote I also get the new Machine Spirit, Smoke launchers while keeping my old Droppod (go figure) 
picture taken from marshall-Tharidus on Deviant Art


Night Runner said…
That's GW for you. By the way that pic really cracked me up!
Cannonfodder said…
I hope you are being sarcastic when sysin it cracked you up.. if not, I am sorry- it is meant to be funny.
winter said…
"cracked me up" means made him laugh. Obviously a translation thing.
Cannonfodder said…
thank you- that sounds better. Already had experienced softer people who felt offended.
Ginge said…
I am so gonna have to do a conversion of the angry marine launcher some day ;oP

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