Land speeder storm [WIP]

The Land Speeder Storm must be about the most complex model you can get from GW these days. I have a lot of experience with GW Kits and although I have not built all of their models, I can not imagine that you get so much for your money in another of their products.

I built it to specs with all the care I could spare and must say that I am impressed. You do not only get the speeder itself- which has alot of detail on it's own (cockpit, spare weapons on the walls,...), you also get the crew and four passengers. I have even seen people build the four scouts in the back in a way that they can even be used in games as standalone models. I didn't do that since I think with the exception of two models it requires a lot of remodeling to get that done convicing.

For now I took my time to paint all the scouts separately to get them to a top notch standard. Pictures of them will follow later but for now I have started painting the skimmer. Five layers of bleached bone if you are interested- phew(not counting the primer and washes)

Next steps is the red basecolor and then the shading starts.


GDMNW said…
Looks like you're off to a great start. The black of the speeder's underside contrasts really well with the bone.

Open topped vehicles are great delivery systems, even if they are only delivering a bunch of wannabe-marines. I mean scouts.
Cannonfodder said…
I hope, that the fighting power will be enough to kill off decimated squads and take objectives. Not yet settled on equipment though. Shotguns, Bolters, Sniperrifle and CCW + Powerfist for wound groups or all CCW + Fist are the options.
2 Shotguns, 2 CCW, Powerfist would be a good equipment.

And the bleached bone looks great.
Rath of Un said…
Looks good, I am about half way finished with building my own Land Speeder Storm. I like the contrast that you were able create. Looking Good!