(Space Hulk) Grim Angels Space Marine Librarian [PIP]

A little update on what I paint these days.- namely a Librarian in Terminator armor.(converted from the Space Hulk game)
One of my goals for 2011 is to paint up my Grim Angels Space Marine Chapter. This army is not intended to win tournaments-the asskicking will be done by my Angry Marines- but rather aim for best painted awards. The other will be to have a Dark Eldar Coven Army bt that's another story.

Back to the painting in progress [PIP]. The guy is relatively finished but I have not decided on the type of bases I will be using- so here he stands on the plain floor he has right now. As most of my PIP pictures these are take with my iPhone and whatever lightsource there is avaiable so quality is not the best.
Constant readers of my blog will see the new style that strongly contrasts to what I normaly do. Reason is that most paint judges are strongly influenced by what GW tells them is cool and proper and alot of my other armies were therefor disregarded for using weathering techniques a lot. I will prove that I can do other styles as good with this army and hopefully get rewarded for it by placing best painted army two or three times this year.

So here goes my cartoony fluff colored Librarian- Blue with his right shoudler pad in Chapter colors (red with with winged sword). The base color is darkened in the shadows and brightened up in the lighter areas. Battle damage is minimal and painted onto the basecolor rather than using a mask on a rustlayer underneath. Highlights are rather strong (for my liking) and finally a little OSL from the force weapon. Conversion work is kept to a minimum by replacing his Storm Bolter for a Storm shield (mganetized the arm) and turning the Dark Angels Shoulder and Shield with greenstuff for my chapter and Librarian.



g-g said…
saubere arbeit,wie gewohnt :) ich persönlich find nur das sich die waffe farblich einfach furchtbar mitm rest schlägt,so genial sie auch gemacht ist :)
Cannonfodder said…
Interessant- ich hab die Farbwahl extra so getroffen damit sie gut einfließt und nicht dominiert (wie es Grün getan hätte).
Farblehrenmäßig sollte es passen- hoffe aber das das Modell IRL dich dann noch überzeugen kann.