Vehicle Destroyed – Explodes (Crater) done

Of course I am long done with these craters I talked about in an earlier post but I almost forgot to show the pictures of the completed terrain pieces. So here you go

As you can see I (and my three year old son) painted them and added some static grass as some of you fellow readers suggested. I really like the look of them and they became handy on my last tournament already. I handed over four of them to a friend carefully packed in a ziploc freezer storage bag- thanks for the tip goes to sonsoftaurus.


Max said…
They look cool! I've tried using the GW plastic crater but they definitely leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately for my army playing cards are in theme and two of them are about the right size for most tank chassis.
Cannonfodder said…
That sounds interesting- what do you mean with playing cards? Got pictures?