Grim Angels Scouts [wip part 1]

I started work on the first scout unit for my Grim Angels Space Marine Army. I bought the models second hand on the internet and beheaded them to put on helmets since I really can't stand the way GW modeled their faces.

The helmets are Chaos Space Marine helmets form which I removed the horns and all other pointy Chaos Symbols. The power armored marines will feature standard helmets of imperial design so that the scouts still pop out immediatly. While removing the flesh from the models I realized that the scout sprue is definitely not the best around. They seem to be produced too cheaply since the bottom of the shoulderpads on some models has no hard edges but ruther a buldge.

The only other modification is that I magnetized the sergeants right arm so that I can switch for combi weapons when playtesting shows he needs more firepower. The powerfist is glued on though because I am not leaving home without it.

The lighting is catastrophic- I apologize and plight improvement