Salzburger Schlachthaus 2011 [part 1]

Schlachthaus means Slaughter house in English in case you were wondering and when thinking of a 40k tournament this even made sense in a way. Four games at 1750 points with 40 paticipants promised a nice day and so I took my Angry Marines from the shelf once more. After all the Black Templar FAQ demands for (angry) playtesting.

Salzburg is about 150 km from where I live and so I got up at 5:30 AM to travel there by car. A friend of mine was going too and so I picked him up and we arrived on time without a problem. The organizers had everything under control (most of the time) although it was their first event and I had a very nice day.

My army:
1x Emperor's Champion (Riddick hates everything)
3x Tankhunter Terminotrs with two Cylone Launchers and one Chainfist
3x Tactical Marines with Plasmagun and Lasercannon (two of them in Rhinos)
2x Landspeeder Typhoon
2x Predator Destructor with Lascannon sponsons
First match against Space Wolves.
1x Lord on Thunderwolve with Frostblade, Stormshield and Runic Armor
5x Grey Hunters in Razorbacks with one Wolfguard each
1x Wolfscouts with Wolfguard
3x Landspeeder with Multimelta

Mission: Take three Objectives
First turn: ME

He is set up in cover and I advance just a little bit to put preassure on him early and force him to come towards me. This works well but I am a little too close and when he gets lucky on his run roll for the Lord  one of my terminator squads bites the dust on turn 1. Ouch.
I retalliate by shooting the though guy down but it takes the firepower of my whole army (note to myself: Reconstruct army to compensate). A lot of shooting is wasted when my squads including terminators deicde to shoot closest targets instead of primary threats. I really felt the need to get a Marshall here. I dictate the game form there on by concentrating fire on one flank and ignore the other one. So the match goes on as he feeds me one squad after the other and by turn four I decide to go for tabling him to grab all possible points.
I achieve this in the end but the loss of the terminator squad is too much for a massaker result.

Result: 19:1

Predators to the end of my board ready to advance forward before the Wolfscouts arrive

Last voice record form Terminator squad 1: "Hey pal! Does this look like more than 18" away for you?"

Wolflord is afraid of Riddick and decides to go left- making Riddick all the more angry... he kicks is squads in the ass and assaults "...DIE f****g Rhino b***h- DIE!"

The center is assaulted by one brave (insane heroism anyone?) Razorquad...
...which after Plasmashooting the hell out of my terminators is repelled by firepower. Predators advance and Land Speeders prepare to shoot the Wolfscouts in case they try to show up in my rear.

Wich they don't. They rather try to stop Riddick's Killing spree. At that point he has killed of one Greyhunter squad and forced another one to retreat.

There they are just seconds before Riddick goes through them like a knife through hot butter.

On the other flank the terminators advance to the opposing border to get the last of the surviving troops.

That must have been the point when the Greyhunters decided to let go and accept defeat by frag missile (who needs armorsaves anyway?)

The last action of the games sees his last surviving Wolfguard being charged by Riddick. I did forgoe shooting him in order to calm Riddick a little.