Salzburger Schlachthaus 2011 [part 2]

The second part of the tournament report with my next two games which brought me into the finals. The last part will follow and includes a video but for now on to the heretics.

Second match against Sisters of Battle.
1 x Canoness with 2+ Save and holy weapon
a lot of Celestians in Immolators
even more Sisters in Rhinos
3 x Exorcist

Mission: Take five Objectives
First turn: ME

He decides to stay in reserve and so I advance to take controle of the battle field. When he arrives in his turn 2 he does so in managable force and my firepower proves to be fatal for sisters. The match goes on with me destroing everything that gets in sight and only suffer minor losses in return. One of these "minor" losses is my tactical squad which is assaulted and put to the (holy) blade by the canoness which should cost me dearly later on.
In turn five I place my two surviving tacticals on mission objectives after having reduced the enemy army to about 10 sisters and 3 tanks. In his turn he shows his genious when getting a lonely sister back into the fight with an act of faith and putting her on an uncotested marker. Another 5 Celestians melta down two Paladins on another objective who in turn decide to go home and so it is a draw concerning mission objectives. As the game ends right then his good spirit is awarded with a draw by objectives and only the brutal losses on his side turns it into a minor victory for the Angry Marines.

It was a fungame mainly because my opponent didn't take my dice rolling personaly and kept on challenging me until the end. Turns out he is part of the Irish ETC team and we may yet meet each other in Switzerland this year.
You can find his blog with a report here.

Result: 13:7

 By the time the first sisters aproach all units are in place and ready to open fire.

Riddick and two terminator squads have already crossed the table and are in assault range.

So they decide to arrive form the corners and get blown up the second they do. Survivors are stubborn though and refuse to retreat.

They keep pushing on and by sheer numbers manage to get to one of the objectives held by my Marines- who they slaughter after blowing up their transport.

This is how close I was to even loose the game in the end when the few meltas that were still alive put some love on my scoring units.

The lonely sister that turns the match into a draw.

Third match against Chaos Space Marines
2 x Slaanesh Daemon prince with wings an Lash of Submission
1 x 6 Noisemarines with one Blastmaster in a Rhino
2 x 7 Nurglemarines with meltas in Rhinos
1 x 5 CSM in Rhino
3 x 2 Obliterators

Mission: Killpoints
First turn: HIM (but I steal initiative)

He is really believing in going first and deploys according to it. With my huge experience against double lash I decide to set up in one corner on maximum distance but also in a way to profit from first turn if I would gain inititiave. My Landspeeders are reserved to get killing shots on his princes if he manages to hide from my main army. Then I really do steal inititaitve and everything goes acording to plan. I focus on killing the princes fast and accomplish this by turn two while staying out of lash and Plasma cannon range with my terminators at the same time.
He has moved his Nurgle Rhinos ahead of his princes to deny me the shooting on them which makes it necessary to sacrify my speeders to get the job done. Then I strand the Plaguemarines in front of my base when I kill his Rhinos (although it takes me the wohle shooting of my army for one turn thanks to failed leadership tests on my side). Since they hide in a big ruin terrain I decide to accept the Plasmafire form the Obliterators and charge in. Maybe this move was too bold because the losses are bad but at least I manage to kill the Plaguemarines after that.

The rest of the game sees him suffering badly from the unability to kill anything while I go for the last surviving Obliterators. Seizing inititiave really helped but I think that it wouldn't have ended any different anyway.

Result: 18:2

Defensive- but effective

In case 15 Lascannon shots cannot harm a Rhino- charge it screaming loud waving your Powerfists (Plasmacannon likes close formations)

Daemon prince down. Mission accomplished - prepare to get sacrificed

After restraining themselfs for three turns the Angry Marines are let loose form and charge the Plague Marines with little mercy