Yu Jing Celestial Guard

Infinty excurs. A lot of people at my local gaming club jumped the bandwagon and decided to start with Infinity (form Corvus Belli) after seeing the Beats of War Infinity week special. For me this is the perfect excuse to continue my Yu Jing army.

I picked the Celestial Guard model since I plan to use him as my lieutenant and he looked easy enough to paint. After having a discussion with a friend of min who really has a lot of experience I decided to listen to him and use his suggested approach on this mini.

Primed black and then a short burst of white primer to get directions for lighting.

The greentones are applied. I started with a thin basecoat of my middle tone, applied it 4 about 5 times and then went on with the shadows. I added black to the mix and added more water making it a glaze. I used about 6 layers in the shadows and then went on to the highlights. I added skincolor to my basecoat color and again watered it down so I could use it as a glaze. Another 6 layers and then hard highlights with pure skincolor.
 The red tones are finished. I used the same procedure as for green but used the green shadow glaze for toning down rather than a dark red. The highlights involve yellow and again the skintone.

All greys parts are done its getting along rather nice. The head became more of a white but I figured thats okay because he will be my lieutenant and can stand out a little

 All grey areas are basecoated with the blueish grey and then washed 6 times with badab black. I think the basecoat was too bright and will change this on future models. 

Colors used for the green fabric..

Colors used for the red/orange tones.

 Colors used for the blue glwoing items.

The painted model without the basing. It took me 3,5 hours to achieve this and I am proud of my work. I will update with the finished model when it is dry. The last step inclded clear (gloss)varnishing him since he is ment for play- basing and after that sealing it with a matt varnish.

edit: Here is the finished model: