Yu Jing Domaru Butai Ltn.

I painted a model for my sectorial army of Nippon. Simply put the Domaru Butai are samurais in power armor.
They are an elite choice and their basic ranged weapon is a chainrifle which supports their closecombat oriented nature. They get really nasty when they get up and personal though with special rules like "frenzy" and explosive close combat weapons. In the sectrorial list they have the option to become the ltn. at no additional costs (SWC).


Lantz said…
Great model and wonderful paintjob!
Cannonfodder said…
Well thanks. :)
Huge blog you have there going on. Just suscribed and wonered how I missed it since converting is my favorite thing in the tabletophobby.
Nice looking model. I have an Yu Jing unit myself with a Domaru with boarding shotgun. I find them a little difficult to use because of their short ranged weapons, but when they get into their sweet spot they can really mess up the enemy.