Dreadnought conversion

I decided I wanted to be able to field three Dreadnoughts with my Legio Custodes. On the other hand I was not too happy about spending a fortune on new plastic so I went for an in between aproach.
I am lucky enough to have friends who own about as many models, bits and spareparts for 40k as I do and so one of them offered me to sell me two of his Black Reach Dreadnoughts for a fair price. I gladly accepted and decided to buy one Venerable Dreadnought kit to get the bits for pimping them. The heads are form the Blood Angels Sanguine Guard and  a little bit of greenstuff (and a lot of hacking) cut the deal. Et voila: Three Legio Custodes Dreadnoughts. For the arms I have special plans.

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Standard Venerable Dreadnought

Converted Black Reach Dreadnought
Another converted Black Reach Dreadnought
All three Legio Custodes Dreadnougts without arms


Spiderpope said…
So cool looking, very nice work.
Warflake said…
Great work man.
Tristan said…
They look fantastic. I plan to do something similar for my flesh tearer dreads when I get around to them.
Cannonfodder said…
Thanks for the kind words.
@Tristan: Maybe go for the Death Company Dreadnought if it is Flesh Tearers. What I know you got different torsi in there as well.