Custom Razorback turret

As I only own Rhinos and no Razorbacks I had to come up with an idea for a replacement. I tried the mini-turret from Oldcrow models but sadly it was too small - although very cool. So I took a look at the sprues I had lying around and found the Dreadnought missile launcher.
Since I dicided to go for Autocannons for both arms I had no real use for it and started converting it to be the prototype of my razorback turret. I added a lot of plasticard to close the rear side and give it an even surface. The I dug out the Heavy Bolter form the Master of the Ravenwing kit and chopped it so it would fit.
Then make a mold, pour resin in- fail, rework the mold, pour resin in-fail...repeat like 5 times and I got my first cast that I can work with.

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custom Razorback turret master

first usable cast (not cleaned up properly)

this shot shows the flaws which require for freenstuff filling


Hudson said…
Very cool. It's also a good base for magnetizing the various weapons options.