Lake side clash 2011

The next 40k tournament is on the horizon and it is the Carinthian championships. I will be there with my Legio Custodes army and looking forward to having two nice days of gaming.
I used the last weeks to build a lot of terrain for our club at home while other enthusiasts did the same in the club and so I am sure we will have cool tables. Looking at the participants I see guys from Slovenia as well- which is the first time for our countries to exchange players and I am hoping to see a trend in this.

Here is the link to the registration site. CLICK

Location: The tournament is somewhat special since it is part of the "Lakeside clash" during which there is also held a big fantasy team event. I am expecting close to 70 tabletop gamers and the location looks ace. There is the possibility to sleep direlctly at the location since it is a youth hostel- lunch and barbecue will be provided just outside the gaming room. There is an indoor pool, soccer field, beachvolley field and last but not least the beach of lake "Wörthersee" which has still got nice 23° Celsius!

I am looking forward to meeting some of my fellow readers there- and maybe even place top tier.

Inernational youthhostel Cap Wörth was chosen as location

Indoor Pool- yeah!

and if you like more nature go outside to the beach and jump into lake Wörthersee