Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [part 1]

A litte break form my Dark Eldar Project although there is still a lot of Elves in it. This is a conversion from fantasy Elves to 40k Inquisition.

 I have been preparing for the carinthian 40k championships 2011 over the last weekends but not by means of getting my army ready but rather support the tournament crew with terrain pieces. Now the date is drawing closer and I need to get my army ready so I finished my thoughts on my roster two days ago and am now constructing the army. I had to decide against Dark Eldar because of the simple reason that I wont be able to complete them in time and switched back to my Legio Custodes - speak Grey Knights.

My experience with the army so far were very good (9 wins out of 11 games played) but I am growing tired of the same setup so I will put some more salt into it by replacing my trusted Librarian with an Inquisitor. Since I want to have rad grenades and Hammerhand in there he will be of the Ordo Xenos. Off to a new model!

After digging in my archieves I came up with the wonderfull Elve Mage from Mordheim which I bought ages ago- so happy with this buy now. But he lacked some carapace armor and a futuristic look. On the other hand his ears were really too pointy and I carved  them down drastically. After cleaning the mold lines (running right through his face-- why oh why was GW doing this to the model?!) I temporarily glued him to a base and went for my tools- modeling time!

I decided on brown stuff for modeling hard edges since green stuff does not do this as well. I chose a xenos armor- Tau influenced in this case. I am very proud of how it turned out. The staff will be a force weapon and could pass like on like that but I think I will add a blade and some wiring. I am not sure if I will include Xenos equipment there because a weapon linked to your psyker brain and the warp should most likely be as pure as possible. Dark Eldar sponsored a venom blade (just in case I need one) and I am experimenting with pistols but have not found a suitable solution yet.

Ordo Xenos Inquistor in Tau engineered armor

Dark Eldar close combat weapon added

The elve mage form Mordheim has such a nice pose


Mordian7th said…
Very cool! I love the Tau armor sculpt, it looks awesome - looking forward to seeing more!
Cannonfodder said…
THanks - I will try to be good and take photos of the furthr process.