Citadel color mixing: a hoax?

Yesterday I posted about the color mixing guide for Citadel colors and got an immediate response claiming this to be a hoax. After looking into my colors I realized that I do not have all base colors to begin my own tests. So I ask you:
 Do you think this table works and have you already tried it? I made a poll which you can find on the right side of my blog that will be running until November and would appreciate your input on that matter. Tell me what you found out. And by the way: I may be the only one out there who loves the design of the new Necron bark. You can even see how many models it can hold! Woooo!
Desing by Jes Goodwin

Necron Ghost bark leaked


Matt D said…
I see no reason for the color mixing not to work. It may not result in a 100% match to the citadel equivalent but will most likely be close. Mixing paints is nothing new, I have been doing it for years, just not with GW colors.
Cannonfodder said…
So do I. I did a test with the greens today and it worked reasonably but still lack the other colors.
veghist said…
Try tan colours or browns. I agree it works to some extent on greens if you don't expect much.
Corvus said…
I have my doubts about this. Certain paints (mostly earth colors) use specific pigments to get their color, it's not just a mix of any of the base colors.
oni said…
One should be able to take the primary colors and make any pigment desired, so the chart in my opinion is based on that theory more than actual practice.
veghist said…
You might be interested in this:

Perhaps it helps to close this once and for all.

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