Citadel color mixing conclusion

Poll results for color mixing range are in.

 No, I tried it and it doesn't work
Yes, I tried it, and it works
I dindn't try but think it could work
I didn't try but think it cant worl

Most of you think that it can work and some of you even did some testing.Veghist from Lascannons&Lances even posted his test results and underlined them with some theory of why some things cant work. He did some good work there and I suggest you visit his blog a visit.

Essentially it comes down to this. Some of the recipies are working perfectly, some to a certain degree and a lot of them (mostly the earthy tones and purples) just don't work at all.

So my tip to you is: Learn from it but don't trust it.

color mixing test of Veghist

You can find the article, that started it here and the follow up here.


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