STMS 2011

Afer some month rehab after the Carnithian 40k Championships I went to a tournament again. It was held in Sterya and travel took me about 90 minutes (not counting my detours).
I took my Necron army which I painted for the release of the new codex and placed 3rd in the end. I aimed or three wins and that was exactly what I achieved. Considering the not overly compettive list (lots pf problems with 3+ let alone 2+ Infantrie) I am rather satisfied.
I faced Eldar (win), Black Templar (loose), Space Wolves (win), Necrons(loose) and Space Marines (win). My personal highlights of the tournament was when I deep struck my Monolith right behind the Wolflord on Thunderwolf mount and sucked him right into the portal. Glorious moment!

Painting score was 19 out of 30 which were not added to the tournament result. Also very okay for me since my colorscheme is rather simple (moonlight and green OSL) and conversions are rare. I took two pictures of games and will post better pics of my army later this week.

Eldar stole my initiatve blow my Mono in turn 1. From then on I was absorbing Wraithbone at an incredible rate

Necrons stole my initiative and it results in a first turn charge from Wraiths- ugh 2 Monoliths are absorbed.


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