Eldar Firehawk revisited

The Eldar Firehawk was sitting on a shelf in my hobby room now for more than 4 years. To be precise it was sitting in three of my hobby rooms since I moved two times during this time. Since flyers have become a viable option with the resent release of Warhammer 40.000 6th edition, I felt the urge to get him on the road finally.

What do we have?
Firehawk Article 1
Firehawk Article 2
Firehawk Article 3

Eldar Firehawk as it is now

We have an airplane based on the falcon kit. This puts him size wise in the slightly undersized plane category. My main issue with the design- howmuch ever I loved it back then- that it looks too clumsy to be a fast fighter. I have in the meantime created my own fighters, which are based on the fireprism turret and I much more see those as an airsupperiority fighter. The Fire hawk just looks heavier...

So I decided to make him the next best option: a bomber. Rulewise we look at Eldar Phoenix Bomber or maybe the dark Eldar Void Raven. Without making a decision I look at the needed changes.
  1. Both have a crew of two- one pilot and one gunner
  2. At least the Phoenix is bigger in size an I guess that the Void Raven will be about the same
  3. The weapon loadout is of course different.
  4. The are sleeker
Additionaly the Void Raven gunner is described as lying in a reaver like position at the front of the plane while the Phoenix is conservative in his position.

I  have not settled on a version, but rulewise I like the Phoenix a lot more. It just seems super shooty and super survivable and I think because of this I will stick with him ad for now. This is the scetch on what I think of:

Forgeworld Eldar Phoenix

Sketch for my Eldar Bomber Firehawk Mk2


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