Eldar Firehawk revisited part 6

I started painting the Eldar Bomber. I went off with airbrush techiques I learned over the last half year.
The pictures are not the best, please excuse. I will take proper ones when I am done with the model, in the meantime thse must suffice.

Cockpit is primed white and then airbrushed with a transission from yellow to a dark brown

Cockpits are covered with masking tape

A hex pattern was applied to the rear section after priming the bomber black.

A flame effects is added

The maksing tape on the cocpit is removed


Klaus said…
The new airbrush paintjob is stunning!
The flames are simply great and let the bomber look really dangerous.
I'm also very pleased with the cockpit - this works very good.
Excellent job!
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Klaus!

thanks for the feedback- I am still learning and the biggest problem currently is the paint I use. Vallejo model just ruins my airbrush really fast- I am more cleaning htan painting actually.
Klaus said…
Yeah, I just had the same experience when I sprayed the camo of the PONOS.
I dunno, but I seem to remember the Vallejo Air color worked a lot better last time...
but this time I was ready to throw it all into a corner :(
Cannonfodder said…
I feel your pain- let me know when you find better ones.
Malduran said…
Wow... just wow. Purely becuase of that paint scheme im going to have to follow you to see what else you have in store. Well done, it looks amazing.