Building a better Spacecrusade (5)

The dreadnought starts to take shape! Pictures after the break...

I plan to model the upper torso in putty from scratch. I took some electrical tubing as a skeleton to work from. On this will then come Miliput to get the desired shape.
 For the lower body I used more setinel parts- I swiveled the Exhaust pipes 90° to use them as Bolters- should work nicely enough.

Spacecrusade Dreadnought WIP front

Spacecrusade Dreadnought WIP back
Spacecrusade Dreadnought WIP from below


Tristan M said…
I am really really digging this series!! Please keep it up!
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Tristan! Finally someone commenting on my Spacecrusade series- now I have to finish it! Thx for the motivation!
Jessica Pink said…
be nice to see where you've gotten to with this?... =)