My Workspace in 2012

Since BenchVent is hosting a competition in which you can win an Exagon cabinet I thought it was about time to show you where I produce my tabletop output. You can find the picture of the workshop in my basement after the break.

yes, I have a collection of Nerf guns on my wall for the occasional Zombie invasion

I personally always try to inhale the maximum of fumes when working with my airbrush but apparently this might damage my health under certain circumstances- who knew? Jokes aside, I started to work with my airbrush more recently only this year and have a rather suboptimal equipment which could really be improved by their system.

Maybe I get lucky and my name is drawn- then I will have one of those babies:
BenchVent BV555-R

From the Benchvent website:
Anyone working within a graphics, or art environment either at work or at home has the potential to be exposed to harmful substances when spraying aerosols....BenchVent filtration and extraction cabinets protect you and your employees from potentially harmful airborne contaminants given off when using a variety of essential art room products. Using a cabinet to work in will result in higher productivity and less sick leave as well as lower employee turnover.