Changing Template

again, I know- but Ron told me that some things are nopt working and I try to fix this now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Cannonfodder said…
So, thats about it....what do you think- keep it or cahnge it?
Mitch said…
its nice, figure you can make one like this for me, but in blue?
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Mitch,

sorrily I can't right now- cause I downloaded it and only customized it a bit (I am a noob in webdesing). I am trying to alter it myself- maybe then i can.

oni said…
I think it's pretty cool, but I'm not so sure it really fits the grim dark if you know what I mean. To each his own, I'm here for the content. ;)
Cannonfodder said…
Yeah, I understand what you mean... I think I am slowly getting the grip on these templates- I think I can adopt it to my "darker soul"
Thx for the feedback- and sorry for the lack of content lately.

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