Custom Eldar Wave Serpent Tutorial - Part 2

This is part 2 of the tutorial.
I want to start with a little thing which most of you readers mnost likely know. It's my way of cleaning the needle of my plastic cement.
Since I have a tendency to loose the cap or leave it open for too long, the glue often hardens inside the needle. I solve this problem by using the plasti cements flameable nature. Fire in the hole! Afterwords you are ready to glue again.

Back top the topic. In the last part I built the Wing Extension. This time I want to focus on the back of the Serpent- The passenger cabinet. The Seporent can transport up to twelve soldiers where the Falcon only carries six. This calls for a bigger compartment.

First thing is to measure things again. I do this sloppily by tracing the shape of the original model.

After duplicating the shape I cut it out and do test them against the original part. Since I did it sloppy I had to adjust quiet a bit now. The result looks like this.Glued into place. I will not do these parts in my mould. The reason is that I want to work with plastic cement here for better durability. This would not be possible with resin.
As you can see my work here was far from being perfect or acceptabel. But I have a solution for this. I will fill the gaps with putty later on.
That's why I glued another layer of plasticard on the inner side. So I have more stability and something to work "against" when I do this later.
Okay. So now the walls are standing I can insert the floor. Same procedure: Trace the outline, cut it out, test it, alter it and fit it in.Gets you this. I'm satisfied so far.
So, now let's put on the upper hull and see what it looks like. Yeah- crap hole, I know. So we need a roof extension as well.No problem. Trace a shape and cut it out. But this time- duplicate the shape for we need a second layer.
The second layer is builds up the scale like nature which defines the look of the Eldar tanks.When cutting out the plates always cut inside the shape. Thereby the gaps are created when you glue the second layer on top of the first. The result looks like this. Putting everything we habe so far together gives us the basic shape of our Serpent conversion. Not bad- by no means done, but not bad so far.
The last extension for part 2 of the tutorial is creating a seal for the turrent mount. This is done in the same fassion as the roof extension. I sorrily lack a compass cutter- gotta get one soon. But since I am a lacy ans unpatient nature I cut it out roughly. Two layers again. One for the basis and another one for the plate-effect.

Put t it on top for a final picture.To be continued

Custom Eldar Wave Serpent Tutorial - Part 1


oni said…
I didn't know about the lighter trick. Thanks.

The tank is coming along nicely.
Cannonfodder said…
Hooray, it helped someone. Nice to have a purpose ;)