Terminators revisited

Since my primer accident some months ago I didn't touch my Spacemarines anymore. Now Space Hulk has given me the drive to work on them again. There are 10 Terminators left which were not primed and are therefor not floating in the breaking fluid. After I looked at the remainders I decided that I was not satisfied with the out of the (Black Reach)box look. Compared to the Space Hulk models they looked plain and squatty.
What I did was change the head to look more like the Grey Knight Version and add some armor up theri chin for a ninja aproach (who needs head movement anyway). Lastly I added tabards to the front and rear. This was a big learning step and I still didn't master it- bear with me the fabric isn't really flowing. The Assault cannons are converted from the Land Speeder weapon sprue. I think they will get some more detailing before I paint them.

Please forgive the bad quality of the photos- I was too lazy to get out my lightbox and my Autofocus was unwilling to comply.


Dictator said…
Those are some spectacular looking terminators man. Really spectacular.
Cannonfodder said…
thankyou. I am painitng them right now- I hope to post pictures if the completed models this week.
Arathorn said…
Black Templars? damit wird wohl kein Blumentopf zu gewinnen sein