Dakka painting challenge - Nitty Gritty Armor - part 1

As a follower of the painting corps I did not miss out on the info about the current painting challenge on dakkadakka.com. It's called Nitty Gritty Armor and the mission is to produce a well weathered tank. I am no expert in weathering although I had my try at it with pigments and spongedipping on my Dark Adeputs Mechanicus already. I think it's time to dwelve a little deeper into it and use some technices I have only read about by now. I think of oilpaints, saltmasking, using grafite and the like.

The rules
  • Paint a Tank/Skimmer/Walker/APC and make it feel/look real and used. Model must be a single tank kit. Crew additions such as drivers, commanders or riders are acceptable
  • The Deadline: November 8th, 2009: Midnight Eastern Time (GMT-5:00)
  • Take a WIP shot of your model before painting. Send your WIP along with your entry.
  • You may create a collage for the model to show detail (back, front, close ups, etc.) and send it as your entry.
  • Pics of your model may be either 1000x800 pixels or 800x1000 pixels .
  • The model you enter can not be shown on Dakka or any other website.
So since the model must not be shown prior to the anouncement of the winner I will not show you any pics until then. Sorry.