The unit I can just not begin to like are the Hormagaunts. Although being very nice models, the ingame performance can just not make me like them. They seem to have quite a big footprint and collect fire like hell- which they can absolutely not stand. For some reason they nearly ever reach closecombat where they might be worth their points.

Nevertheless I have 24 and still experiment with them from time to time- most of the time equipping them with toxin sacks. The clue seems to be to throw them at something they can eat as fast as possible- if they only collect fire one turn they are done for.


In older editions, hormies were good, and they still have value now--but they do seem a tad overpriced. The beauty of them now is that you can muster a 24" charge (6" move, 6" fleet, 12" charge), but it's not dependable. They also provide a unit to block LoS & tie up enemy units in hand to hand while your real units show up.

They're good at what they do, but they're just a bit pricey for it in this iteration. I suspect in January, you'll see a resurgence of the hormies (and gargoyles) if GW reduces their point costs. Don't give up on 'em yet!
the other Kevin said…
It's been awhile since I've seen 'nids on the table. I hear if you use Termagaunts to shield, the Hormagants can get in close combat range.
Cannonfodder said…
@WH39.999: yes, they are pricey and that's what stops them from getting into the horde amount (as oposed to the termagaunts). But I am looking forward to January and hope that they get a boost to see more action again.

@Kevin: This aproach works quiet well, only thing is that in the current codex this works even better for Genestealers because of the higher toughness and damage output once they arrive.
Master Darksol said…
I have a small collection of hormagaunts that I was going to paint up ... but since GW's taken them down off the web-store I've become nervous they're going to change them.
They take things down off the web-store before new codexes can come out so that they can re-release them at higher prices. Sometimes they swap the boxes around (rumors abound that hormies and termies will be purchasable seperately in the future), but the rumors I'm hearing state that they won't be updating any of the plastic models already in print.

You're safe... but then again, if you want to sell off your hormies cheaply before the codex comes out, I'm more than willing to purchase... :)
Cannonfodder said…
I have tried to get my hands on another starter box as well. Sorriily it was not avaiable anymore and I hear a new one will hit merchant pricelists on December 5th. I am really hoping 5th edition will bring change for the better for these guys and I can go Horde again (sucessfully). So, thanks for the offer but I will not sell them right now.