Angry Grot with Power Monkey Wrench [1]

This is a little side project I am doing for my tournemant team which goes by the name of "Becaus We Can!".
The team consists of players who attend torunaments in and around Austria, train for them together and support each other. I only recently joined their team after playing three of my five games at the Austrian Championships against members of them.
I like their apporach and their sense of comunity they are building very much and especially one of their common projects. It's called the "TEAM STOMPA". When the best Teamplayer "Wolfman" of this year's AC won a Stompa as the price, they decided that it should become a mighty symbol of BWC. So it was planned and assembled and placed at the teams's boot camp (Wolfman's gaming room).

To further enhance the teamspirit every member was invited to build and paint a little greenskin representing himself at the AC and when I joined the team I was also asked to do so. I happily complied and today started work.
 I based my work on a Gnoblar who was originally part of an Oger box. Isn't he an angry little fella who would just fit nice into my Angry Marines scheme?

He is wearing a Power Monkey Wrench, a standard weapon loadout for the rather closecombat oriented Angry Marines. I am not really sure what he does with all the other "loot" he has there but as for now nobody got the guts to ask him.

I'll add some more cables to add some more of the century to him and will then give him a propa paintjob.


Cannonfodder said…
Thanks Kevin. It's often the simpl things.