Agram Arena Tournament report

So I made it and got my Legio Custodes tournament ready in time (3:30 AM to be precise) for the UMS Agram 2011 (Zagreb/Croatia) tournament. So I got up at 6:00 Am again, drove 250km to the south crossing slovenia by traveling there and got me two days with fellow hobby friends form abroad.

The tournament went okay for me. Normally it goes very well but thanks to lack of sleep I made a lot of mistakes in my third game and hence lost it. Since I won all my other 4 games this cost me the 2nd place in the end but I still places 3rd overall which was satisfying enough. I love this tournament  because of the atmosphere there and will certanly pay them a visit again.

I took nearly no photos since I am not too proud of the army yet and was very tired as well- so just three impressions.

Current status of my Legio Custoes: the army consists of 1750 pts painted to a poor level and I will surely invest some more time. I plan to pin every model oto their resin bases, rework those, drill some bolter holes, paint goldn details- add some OSL,...

Click here to follow my Legio Custodes project.
Draco, Librarian and Paldin escor preparing to best the Custodians
Combat is bloody and in the end all Praetorians and my Librarian are beaten down.

Emperor's children double lash team I named "Hello" and "Kitty"


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