Citadel color range mixing

On the news: I won the conversion contest for september- Wohooo! Thanks to all of my readers for voting. I will give back to the community soon- stay tuned! Another post I found and think is worth checking out is this one on Nesbet Miniatures on mixing colors.
I find it very handy to know how to mix certain colors and have somewhere to look it up. Since I am afraid it might get lost in the warp I took the liberty to repost it here.

update: This chart is not true to a 100%- find a recap here

colors needed

manual for mixing

looks like a typo on regal blue- should probably be a 1 not a 11 parts of black


Anonymous said…
Thanks Cannonfodder,
it is great, i look for such table :D
veghist said…
This is a hoax. It has been before and still is. I, for one tried these recipes, and I can tell you that the results don't even remotely resemble the original paints.
First, pigments are not of equal strength and opacity. Secondly paints are very complex things. Have you played with watercolours, when you were a kid? When did blue and red produce violet? Never, the result is a grayish purple at best.
These mixtures would work to some extent if they were beams of light or very small dots, but not by mixing, and even then actual colours are fare more complex then these.
Besides in printing magenta and cyan are used, and not red and blue, and it is not without reason.
Time to forget this nonsense. Let this go.
By the way please try mixing and compare. Prove me wrong.
Cannonfodder said…
hm.. you may have a point there. I will have to test it indeed.
Anonymous said…
Until I see an actual ample from you using these paints, your comment is just an opinion. How about some actual proof from you please. Thanks.