Infinity game impressions

 I had another game of infinity yesterday and it was really funny. It was a two on two tagteam match between YuJing and Ariadna with secret mission objectives and we won!
Our side was 5 Japanese and 5 Chinese trying to map their deployment area and eliminate their Ltn. They had some Zouaves and Tankhunters who tried to get our cubes and prevent us from reaching their deployment zone.

Find some impressions below.

Keisotsu forward observer gets in position

Another Keisotsu  takes aim at a building where Tankhunters hiding.

Zouaves sniper trying to get a Line of FIre to assaulting troops.
Ninja owns Line Kazak (out of my memory)
Zouaves Sniper (sapper as well) wonderfully painted by Yarrick
Chinese advancing - not really- behind a building