Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So it's 10:15 P.M. and here I am building my last units. I promised to a friend to blog during my nightly sessions and show some WIP stuff to keep his eyes open as he he strugling to get his army painted for the same event. Enough words...pictures

Panic coming up. I am painting up to 2:00 am at the moment trying to get my army finished in time. I am still missing my Psykerchoir, and about 20 Guardsman with Special Equipment. This means I have to assemble and paint like 10 models a night- this is getting real tough since I can only paint from 08:00 pm on after my son has gone to sleep. My soontobe- wife doesn't see me a lot these days. Tournaments are really bad for relationships...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My troops are taking shape. I painted my four Missile Launcher teams over the weekend and even took pictures of them- Hurray for me!
As you can see they are Steeel Legion models and back in those days they came with small bases- so I had to come up with something. Instead of ripping them of their bases I designed and cast my 60mm Snap-in bases. Currently I have cast and painted eight of them- enough for my current army.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am busy getting my Imperial Guard- Steel Legion - ready for the Austrian 40k Championships which take place on 4th of July.
Yesterday I managed to get my airbrush working again- it was kinda stuffed with paint and pushed the pressure through the paint pot- and KASPLOOSH it went! So after an hour of cleaning (Airbrushes save time?!?) my two Vendettas are now in their main camosheme as the interiour was already painted before. For inspiration I took this image of a Hind:

Also, I had a testgame against Orks which was really funny. My Commandsquad actually killed the megaarmoured Warboss in a single swoop of strength 3 butt hits after missing him with all 4 Meltas.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

After a brutal accident with my primer I ruined 15 Terminators and 10 Dark Angel Veterans. I think it was too windy outside and so I got unwanted mist of primer on them. After that treatment they felt like sandpaper, but the worst thing was that when coming into touch with paint- the paint was soaked up by the pimer (WTF!?!) It feels like painting on Sand, the paint spreads everywhere and that makes painting impossible.
This was really frustrating since I was hoping to place best painted with the army- a plan I have discarded by now.

Anyway- now I have to switch to something else and my choice fell on the Imperial guard. Here is the list I plan to field.

HQ Company Command 175
HQ DH: Inquisitor Lord 65

ELITES DH: Assassin Operative 120
ELITES Psyker Squad 165

TROOPS Platoon Command 105
TROOPS Infantry Squad 1 115
TROOPS Infantry Squad 2 80
TROOPS Infantry Squad 3 80
TROOPS Infantry Squad 4 70
TROOPS Heavy Weapon Squad 75
TROOPS Special Weapon Squad 50
TROOPS Veteran Squad 95

FAST ATTACK Vendetta 130
FAST ATTACK Vendetta 130

HEAVY SUPPORT Manticore 160