Thursday, March 18, 2010

To make it short I can say that I am rather spent these days. There are several reasons- Nr. 1 being that I made a decision to get back into shape before my wedding which is coming up in July. Therefore I started the bodyforlife-program two months ago and this means that I am in the gym every other day and do cardio the others. This happens in the time, I normaly spend on the hobby- (8:30 pm to 10:00) so it is the mainreason for the little progress.

On the other side, there are the things that just kill my motivation- namely I have bought a house. Since this will most likely be the only house I will have in my life on this wonderfull planet (Europeans do it like this), I will make it exactly what I want. This means it has to be renovated. and the process of getting all the prices in takes it's time. I am speaking of new floors, ripping out walls, installing new kitchen, bathroom,... So I spend a lot of time in "home improvement shops" on weekends and in discussions afterwords because everyone seems to know exactly how to do it. Don't get me wrong- I love a good insight but it seems that every professional does it differently and insists, that his way is the only one leading to success. So I am left back scratching my head and having a hard time making decissions.

My fiance is a great support these days but we are getting tired of all the organizing so tensions go up from time to time- especially when the little ones are giving us some nuts to crack concerning their upbringing. I don't want them to suffer under my current stress and that's why I try to give them more time with their dad on weekends. So no painting again.

The upcoming weedding also demands for a lot of preparations. We have found our dream location (a beatifull litle castle in our area) but still have not decided if it will take place there- mainly because of the costs conected to it. I really got to take care, that this year doesn't kill my finances and this troubles me.

This way I have lost about a month of painting by now- which wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't for my comissions. I have not finished my Vostroyan job by now and my client is getting a little cutty. So what do I do? I will get myself together and get back into it. One thing will be discipline and the other one movivation.

I have decided to paint up one model (picure of Azrael shows my inspiration- not my painting)which I wanted to do for a long time for myself and get me on the painting table that way. I sure hope this will give me the kick to get back into it again.

Whish me luck!