Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am currently building my Space Marine force - The GrimAngels chapter - Because I field them as Black Templar I need some Neophytes. I don't want to use the regular scouts because I don't like their closecombat weaponary and was looking for conversion ideas. So I did some research last night and found this jewel on Prophet Miniatures. I am already organizing the bits for these conversions- lovely!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just stumbeled across another Exodite army out there. It is a totally different approach and focuses on the "hobby aspect" more than on competitive gaming. Also the soure lighting is a catcher. I added a link to the linklist to the right.
Find his work on Dakkadakka.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here are some old pictures of my Exodite Dragonknight. Back then it was used as a Dark Eldar Talos and Wraithlord. I have since then changed it into an Eldar Avatar and replaced the weapon. The paintjob although not bad was also improved.

Friday, April 17, 2009

After the great find of the Dragonknight conversion by Typhoid_Garry which I posted yesterday, I am happy to show you a tutorial of another masterfull build for the Exodites. It is most likely the best carnosaur to wraithlord approach out there. Without further words I present you Stephane.Info's work and some of his thoughts- check out his website for the full tutorial!

Naturally, finding the best appearance was the real challenge. I wanted an "armoured beast" but I had no clue on how to do it. Since I wanted three Carnosaurs, I could not rely on exotic pieces and should limit myself to one or two Eldar plastic sets: Eldar, because they had the Eldar style built-in with gems, vents, etc., and plastic sets because of the ease of modelling. And no more than two because the price would get prohibitive. I gathered one of each plastic set available (Warwalker, Wraithlord, Weapon platform, Wave Serpent, Vyper) and started thinking with some blue tac. I finally used the components shown below:

In details, we have:
  • A: a Carnosaur (D'oh!)
  • B: Warwalker components;
  • C: Weapon Platform (and gunner) components;
  • D: various small plastic bitz (they come from a Dark Eldar sprue but it's not really mandatory);
  • E: Shining Spears metal pilots.
Quickly, I found a creative use of the Warwalker cockpit in an upside-down position; it would be the seat structure. I hacked merrily the top of a weapon platform to close the seat, binding myself to this set and the Warwalker one to finish the creature as two plastic sets for a single Exodite Lord would be enough. The Warwalker "pelvis" components allowed an interesting modelling idea too (keep the plastic chutes in the holes!) but the Carnosaur was still a bit bare. Then I had the intuition of a power array on the back of the Carnosaur, relying on side components of the weapon platform remnants. Not only it would look neat, but it would fit with the beast's movement and the seat, and balance the carapace distribution over the whole body. You can see a step-by-step evolution of the prototype:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

edit 2009-04-17: So, I did it again- I overwrote an article without noticing- That's one of the drwabacks of my Lightbox. I will do my best now to rewrite it- sorry for the stupid me, myself and I.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This sounds interesting: The realms of Equinox is starting a contest with the arrival of the new guard codex in May. Basically it is focused around building, converting and painting a 1o-Man Sqaud which sticks to the new rules. I think I will enter something.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This must be one of my favourite squads. It represents a pack of warpbeasts led by a beastmaster. The beasts are Dark Elf cold ones which have been painted in my color scheme and fitted with some tyranid victims to place the into the 40k universe. The beastmaster is of course just that- a Dark Elf Beastmaster.

Friday, April 10, 2009

For the time as I played my Exodites eith the craftworld Alaitoc rules I needed an Avatar - and chose the model of Orion from Warhammer fantasy as a basis. I did a lot of remodeling with greenstuff and intruduced a tyranid victim.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is my take on a XV-8 Command suit issued to experienced Shas'O. It features special issue systems in the form of Iridium armor as well as Vectored Retro Thrusters. All weapons are magnetized and converted as well. I included a green led which is powered by a cell in the base.
Parts used were one XV-8 and several parts from the XV-25 suits and drones. When it was done I gave it to a very good friend as a gift where it still awaits painting. Maybe I will get photos some time when it is finished.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The firewarrior was my testmodel for the colorsheme of my new Tau army. It is painted to a very high standard and features squadmarkings and painted bubbles on the backpack.At the moment my Tau project is frozen due to the rules of the 5th edition making them no tournament winning fraction anymore and I tend to play quite competivie.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The bases in urban war design are finished. As you can see in the overview I pured some resin during the last week. They are ment as a present to a friend who means to start a new army with them- marine spam I fear. Hopefully I will see them in action sooner or later.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Tau Skyray is a tank based on the same hull as the Hammerhead. Although it's role on the battlefield differs greatly from the main battle tanks hammer and anvil approach. Instead it uses laserpointers to mark enemy positions to aid firesupport in form of target designation. Additionally it is equipped with eight smart missiles, which can be fired without line of sight to support infantrysquads.

I won this kit in a tournament and did not really intend on fielding it since I prefer the rather straight forward approach of other heavy support choices in my Tau army. Instead I had a vision of transforming it into something more agile looking- like a plane.

I totally ripped the mainbody apart and removed the parts that made up the mainhull because they looked too heavy to fly. By doing so I became a very slender base and the idea of putting a figter canopy onto it struck me. I opted for the eldar falcon cockpit an merged it with a Tau tank comander sprue with the result you can see. It was quiet a mess but finally with the help of some greenstuff everything worked fine.
The frontal mounts for the secondary weapons were also too massive and looked out of place when thinking of an aerodynamic plane so I cut them off- I would use the place for something else- namely the turbines.
I moved the engines with their giant air intakes to the front and glued them on the body. Thereby I lost the tilting feature of the original but it I destroyed their mount incidently when seperating them from their original place.
The weapon platform is by default stuck on a turret on top of the tank and flanked by the two massive engines. I chose to move them to the side of the tank which now made them look like wings.
When thinking about weapon options I thought that the support role of the vehicle would not need it to see direct fire, so I chose the smart missile system as a secondary weaponsystem. These are basically small rockets wich can find their targets by themeselve and can therefor be fired out of cover- Perfect fit flluffwise. I constructed my own because I ripped of the original mounts and mounted one under the nose and in the place of the former turret. They fitted in like a glove.
Finally I had to cover up the parts of lesser atention like the underside and the backdoor of the tank. I did so by using plasticard and also placed a rare earth magnet into the middle section. The reason for this was the flyer base.
Like every other 40k-player I soon found out that the clear plastics which come with jetbikes and skimmers tend to break of very soon during play because of their fragile design and the plastic used by GW. I had the idea to use a simple nail before but I never realized this project. SO it was time. The construction was as easy as one could think - nail into the base, fix it with greenstuff so it gets more stable and voila. Works perfekt.