Sunday, February 14, 2010

...I mean- who gets out into the snow covered battlefields of the 41st. century and has no shoes on?!? ^^

I thought about naming them Vostroyan Psykers but I am not really sure if that would be fitting. As I see it, they are just maniacs with all sorts of hurty bits in hands. I painted them glowing eyes to show warpenergy bursting out of the eyesockets. Since they lack most of the sci-fi stuff I just tried to blend them into the 40k universe with the colors of the main army.

They are ten models in total- and I wonder which of them is going to represent the overwatch dude which they need rulewise.

"Who wants some? Who said that?"

"Haha- You can't take a proper picture of me anyside..."

"What will it be? Warpfire or just the plane ringstick?"

I don't need my hands to put the pain on you!"

"I just hope the words on the scroll make sense cause I can't see them."

"Teeth? What teeth?"

"Rübezahl says flay on you"

"What do you mean with my stick is on fire- I can't see a flame"

"Look Mum, without hands"

"What did you say Skullstick- hit them hard?"
I had some problems finding the right title for this post and I am not sure if I have succeeded in creating one that fits the following article- so let's just say with some words what it is:
Taking pictures and processing the way I do it when I have not enough time for the proper way.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Vostroyan comission included the conversion of Guardsmen with Flamer to Melta equipped fodder since there aren't any Meltamodels for the Vostroyan line by GW yet (and I don't think that they will ever be produced).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It was a lot of work and I could have spent several hours more but I forced myself to stop at this time. I think I can be pleased with the result. These are heavily weathered and I inducted them into the Vostroyan army by ading snow and writing "Vostroya" on each and every one.
And just when I thought I had done enough tanks for a year my dear customer sent me another three chimera chasis- so expect to see more armour soon.

Constructive feedback would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Vendettas are almost done. Only things missing are the struts of the canopy which are on the clear pastic parts. But since I wanted to show something I present you the bases. They also feature the winter scheme of the rest of the Vostroyans and are made of PVA glue, Klear and Baking soda.