Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little rant from time to time hasn't hurt anybody-right? And even if so, I have to shout it out into the world this time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

All battles are fought, a new Champion was found and I had a lot of fun. In the end I placed out of 50 and I feel good about it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a great game it was- I had the chance to play against Firstruleoffightclub (Captain auf Austria's ETC Team) and even score a minor victory.
Hell of a (great) game. Nighthaunter and His pure fluff nightlord chaosmarines. Maybe Best Game ever. Victory for my angry Marines.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another high Win. Assaultcannons eat Holofields for breakfast. Wintics (head organizer of the event) was rather frustrated since i rolled godlike. Sorry for my dice, dude.


+ I shoot-kill everything that comes in range including Nightspinners with holofields, Serpents, Seercouncils on bike. The list goes on. It's killpoints and I play very good, make no mistakes and fall back at the right moments (sneaky Marines?)


- It was a bad game since the fun died off fast due to the dice.

Better... Angry marines drove over Warpspiders deathwing. Kudos to him for Playing the gimpcodex.


+ I wipe out his whole army in a bloody (angry) fury of assault after spraying him with Assaultcannons.

+ One marine (which will return to more glory in later games) who is the sole survivor of a Dreanoughtassault is charged by two Assault Terminators (one Thunderhammer and one Lighting Claw guy) . Since he was standing in the crater of a blown up Droppod he strikes first and using his trusty poweraxe beheads both of them only to run toward the objective and hold it.

+ Belial and his squad hide behind the landraider, but Belial is too curious and since his head shows my whole army unloads bullets into his direction. Although Warpspider tries everything to make him die ("...Belial will take the rending hits on himself...) his forcefiled reflects all the shots on his squad which horribly dies in the hailstorm.


- I cannot kill the two venerable Dreadnoughts which dropped right in front of my army with the shooting og my whole army- letalone the droppods. I therefor have to charge them resulting in a firestorm of 3 vehicle explosions killing more of my (angry) Marines.

- In a futile attempt to surround his immobilized Landraider and thereby dooming the passengers when blowing the tank up I take my chance and walk over a dreadnought wreck with one Terminator- who of course fails and dies when he brakes his ankle or whatever.


Man I got stomped good by Wolfman's Whaagh. What a bad way to start a tournament but my dice wouldn't work for me and Orks are my Nemesis anyway. The less said about the game, the better. Wolfman placed 4th in the end making him the best member of my club- Congrats to him!


+ Terminators carve the Killakans open easily.

+ Predator tank drives over the Lootaz which harnessed him for 4 turns in turn 5 forcing them off the table.


+ Ork Bionics save allmost all of my Powerfist wounds which aren't many anyway and my Terminators get chopped to a bloody mess in return.

+ My Venerable Dreadnought charges his bossbikers and is blown up in return when even afer forcing him to reroll 4 destroyed/exploded results remain.

When you read this I am already in Vienna with my Angry Marines army under the arm and putting my minis on the table.

The goal can only be improve to last years placing- third. I know my army is not very competitive and it surely isn't best painted. But I am a rather good player and hope to make up for it. As long as the dicegods are with me it will work out and I will be smiling like last year (thank gos I have lost some pounds since then)

Whish me luck!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Done! Last Moment As always. But also kickass looking As always!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 AM again- I did finish the vehicles today but failed to do the basing and armytray. Maybe I will take the army over to my parents and finish it there tomorrow. I hoped this wouldn't be neessary but no plan survives contact with the enemy.

As demanded I shot a armypicture as it is right now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Okay, that was more work than I thought but the infantry is finally done. I am quite proud of the terminators. Not only did I manage to get the head mounted on but painted them to a rather high level.
Some Freehands are a little sloppy but that can be corrected later on.

1:52 AM I'm going to bed. By the way: I found a name for that chapter. As you might have noticed I use the Spacewolve colorsheme but not the squadmarkings. For that I use Ork decals- they were too cool to ignore. So even more savage than Spacewolves and hating everything- Angrymarines!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's 23:30 PM and I call it a Day. I was not too diligent today but the terminators are as good as done and i am confident that I can do the rest of the army in the next two days leaving me with two days without painting.

The solution to the face riddle: It's the Chaos Marauder Champion from the Avatars of War series. I ordered this fellow just for the head. Since he comes with two head options, the model is still useable so expect a giveaway post soon after the Austrian Championships.

Five days left and I think it will work out. I did the mainwork on the Terminators today. This means I can do the detailing on them tomorrow and finish the Emperors Champion.

I also have mixed my first own wash today, I call it Spacewolve grey wash (sue me hahaha)- you can see the ingredients below. It worked like a charm and I am looking forward to making more.

Ps.: I love this face- anybody knows where I got this from take a guess!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


No progress today for i am invited to a wedding. Looking forward to Making up for it tomorrow since i am expecting a serious headache due to my Alkohol consumption in the last hours.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

It`s 3:22 AM right now and the Troops are mostly done. Basing ist still missing and some splatter effects will also be added but for the main part painting is over. Good- so I got the last days to focus on the Terminatoris and Tanks. Ah yes, I also started work on the Emperors Champion.

When looking at the photos, I think I will add anoter highlight into the eyesockets.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I got taken away into modeling today when I discovered that I cannot find the forgewold weapons for my venerable dread anymore. Anyhow, I am rather satisfied with the outcome of the new weapons and think that the time I invested was well worth it. It's again 02:30 AM when writing this and I am rather spent.
The Spacemarines in Powerarmor are nearing completion and all models are at least primed and saltmasked now. The only thing missing are the heads for the terminators- I have not settled for a desing yet.